Grand Touring為您提供出行保障

If you will be traveling long-distances in Canada and the U.S., Grand Touring will nicely complement your car insurance. 即使租車短途旅行,您也能獲得保障。


You and anybody insured under your policy may also be covered for damage to rented cars, anywhere in Canada and in the U.S. In other cases where you are using a car that you do not own, call us to find out if you are covered.


誰有資格投保Grand Touring長途駕駛附加保險?

  • 您必須向我們投保汽車保險並滿足相關條件。
  • 請注意,我們的承保範圍僅適用於私人乘用車。
  • 更換車輛不會影響您享有此保險的資格。